concentrated solar power plants: construction companies

There are a number of “medium scale concentrated solar power plant” construction companies.  This page has weblinks to organisations that have built or are building concentrated solar power stations in or near NSW.  There are other CSP construction companies based overseas.

Please Note:  The presence or absence of any company names here does not imply their support for or lack of support for the SEXI Proposal.  Additionally, the presence or absence of any company names here does not imply preferred or non preferred status by the SEXI Group for these companies or the solar technologies shown.  They are simply included as local examples, to show that there are construction companies specialising in building concentrated solar power plants.

Companies that have built CSP in or near NSW

picture two

Graphite Energy have built the solar power station at Lake Cargelligo, NSW.  It uses mirrors (heliostats) to focus sunlight on a central tower.  The graphite is able to store heat.



vast solar photo

Vast Solar are building the solar power station at Jemalong, near Forbes, NSW.



photo 3 (2)

Solar Systems are building the solar power station at Carwarp, near Mildura, Victoria.  A 1.5 MW power station has been completed.  They use dishes with concentrated PV.




AREVA Solar have built CLFR plants.  There is a CLFR plant at Liddell power station at Muswellbrook, NSW.  There is a CLFR plant being constructed at Kogan Creek Power Station at Chinchilla, Queensland.



pic 04Solarstor uses the same graphite energy storage system that is installed at the Lake Cargelligo CSP plant.





Other companies / international

Many of these companies have been involved in larger CSP plants.

Abengoa Solar are a Spanish company.  They built PS10 and PS 20 (heliostats, central tower, molten salt storage), in addition to parabolic trough plants.

eSolar are a US based company. In addition to larger designs, they have a 5 MW Sierra Suntower CSP plant (central tower with heliostats).

Torresol Energy built the Gemasolar plant in Spain, the first commercial CSP plant to run 24 hours/day.

Solar Reserve are a US based company, with an office in Perth.  (central tower with heliostats, molten salt).

At Whyalla, South Australia, Solar Oasis planned a big dish project.  I understand that the owner of the technology, Wizard Power, has been placed in administration.