Links to Reports

A number of reports about renewable energy in Australia have been highly influential.

Peter Seligman wrote Australian Sustainable Energy – by the numbers.

Beyond Zero Emissions :  The 2010 BZE Stationary Energy Plan was unique.  It was the first major plan to state how Australia could be run on 100% renewable energy.

AEMO (the Australian Energy Market Operator) is the national energy (electricity and gas) market operator and planner.  They produced a report for the federal government about renewable energy.  The 100% renewable report was published in July 2013.  Page 19 shows PV and CST in the SEXI Group area.

Mark Diesendorf, along with Ben Elliston and Iain MacGill, of the University of NSW, have produced a number of influential papers about renewable energy.  They are available here, here, and here.

IT Power produced Realising the potential of concentrating solar power in Australia – a report about CSP, in May 2012.

A Pre-feasibility Report was commissioned by the NSW Government into a solar power precinct in inland NSW in 2010.

ABARE / BREE produces reports about current energy use and future energy use in Australia.  Though their costings are often criticised by renewable energy groups,  BREE produces the AETA report on renewable energy costs.

Breaking the Solar Gridlock was a report (August 2013) by Austela and others about the benefits of CST for the NEM.