I believed that much of what follows was reasonably obvious. But spelling it out fully and clearly:

The Solar Energy eXchange Initiative website, also known as the SEXI Proposal website, contains information about the Solar Energy eXchange Initiative.

The SEXI Proposal is a proposal.

A proposal is suggested works that are yet to be funded and endorsed/ are seeking funding.

It is not official Government policy.

If funding becomes available, and the suggested works start to be undertaken, it will become known as the SEXI Program.

A program is the administrative name for a group of related projects that are funded. (For example, the SEXI Proposal contains six separate but related projects).


If there is no funding available, the SEXI Proposal will not be undertaken.   If there is no funding, nothing will be built.  Readers of the website should not assume that funding is available, or is already secured.

Readers of the website should not assume that the Federal Government, through ARENA, has granted or supported funding for the SEXI Proposal.

If there is funding available, the six projects will very likely be built.


Official Government policy can be found on the websites of the relevant Government departments and agencies.  These should be consulted to understand what the relevant policy is in each area.

The SEXI Proposal website presents information about the SEXI Proposal.  It does not aim to present official Government policies.  If you want information about official Government policy, please consult the relevant Government department website.


Similarly, to undertake a construction project various approvals and licences are required, from local, state and federal government departments and agencies.  If necessary approvals are not granted, a construction project cannot be undertaken.  Readers of the website should not assume that all approvals required have been granted for a given project.

The purpose of the SEXI Proposal website is to inform decision makers about the SEXI Proposal.  The website aims to provide decision makers with information about the Solar Energy eXchange Initiative.  To garner their support for the proposal.  To then enable funding to be granted for the proposal.  So that works can be undertaken, and the PV and five CSP demonstration solar power plants can be constructed.  This would help lead to the development of a large scale renewable energy industry in NSW.